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FAQ Administration

FAQs are a good source of information for your visitors, and a godsend for you! Using very well written FAQs that cover the most common questions of your vistors will keep you from getting literally hundreds of support emails! Make very good use of this section!

First you will need to add one or more Categories. These can be whatever you like, but should reflect a certain product or section on your site. Simply type in a Category name and click the Save button.

Add a category
Categories Enter the name of the Category you want to add into this field.
Language Select the language for your new Category from the drop down list.
Parent Select the Parent Category for your new Category. If this is your first Category then it will be a New Top Category.
Save Click the Save button to create your new FAQ Category.
Active FAQs
ID A Unique Identifier for the Category.
Categories Names of the Categories.
Sub Categories A list of Sub Categories that belong to the Category.
Language The Language of the Category.

Select Content to add new questions to a Category.
Select Edit to change the Name or Language of Category.
Select Delete to delete a Category.