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Articles/Stories Administration
Articles are the main draw of your site, and this is the section that lets you post them and moderate articles that have been submitted. The articles you post here can be displayed in different places on your site, depending on the settings you select when posting. Remember to check your grammar and URLS!
New Stories Submissions Click here to accept/reject and/or edit articles that have been submitted.
Title Enter the Title of article here. Be brief and descriptive.
Topic Select the desired topic for this story. If no topic is selected then the default selection will be the first topic in the database.
Category Select a Category for the article, default is articles. Add, Edit or Delete new Categories.
Publish on homepage? If the Category of article is not articles you can specifiy whether or not the article is to be displayed on the homepage by clicking Yes to display or No not to display it.
Allow Comments? If you don't want visitors to the site to be able to comment on articles select No. Default is Yes to allow Comments.
Language Select a language to have an article visible when the site has been set to a specific interface language, ie if you set the language of the article to Arabic then it will only appear when the site interface language for your site is set to Arabic.
Story Text This is the text that is shown on the front page of your site. This is allowed to be quite long, but it is recommended you summarize your article here (or post it all if it's brief). You may use HTML in this box.
Content Format Type (Story Text) Specifies how the story text will be handled. If text is selected then extra HTML tags will be placed into the text to ensure it formats correctly. If HTML is selected then the text will be stored exactly as entered. The HTML option assumes the text has already been formatted using HTML. The text option assumes only text (and simple text formatting tags such as <b> and <i>) has been used.
Extended Text This is where you add the extended part of your article. This part will only be shown when a user views the full story. If you put text in this section, then users will see a Read More... link for this story on the front page. You can use HTML in this box.
Content Format Type (Extended Text) Specifies how the story text will be handled. The same rules apply as for the Story Text Content Format Type field.
Do you want to program this story? To schedule an article on a specific date and time select Yes. Specify the date and time by selecting appropriate values below.
Preview story Select this option to see a preview of this article. It's a good practice to make a article review and check for grammer and URLs. This option will open another page with the article preview so you can read it and correct the text if needed, then post the article.
Post story When you are 100% sure that your article is well written and the URLs are OK then select Post story from the drop-down list to publish the article. If you realize later that your editing skills were a little lackluster when you posted this article, you can always come back and edit it afterwards!