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Here, you can create messages that to be displayed on the home page. This message/headline is displayed above all your news stories. Messages on the home page appear in the order that they were created. You can set the lifetime of the headline by selecting Expiration from the dropdown list. You can also restrict who views the message.
Title Title for the message
Content Content of the message.
Language Select a language to have a message appear when the site has been set to a specific interface language, ie if you set the message to Arabic then it will only appear when the site interface language for your site is set to Arabic.
Expiration Select the lifetime of the message.
Active Select Yes to make a message active or No to deactivate a message.
Who can view this? Select the type of visitor to your site that this message will be displayed for.
  • All Visitors
  • Registered Users Only
  • Anonymous Users Only
  • Administrators Only