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PostNuke has a little and basic banner system integrated, so you can have your own banners stats and control them in the way you want. The section is self explanatory and doesn't need a big manual page, all options are clear.

Current Active Banners: Show the banners that are running right now in your site. The field Impressions show you the total impressions made for that banner, Imp. Left show the impressions left, Clicks s the number of click the banner received, % Click is the percentage of click based on the Impressions made, Client Name and functions are self explanatory. In functions you can Edit or Delete the selected banner.

Finished Banners: When a banner reach the impressions automaticaly stops and move into this table. In this table you can see total impressions made, how many clicks received, % of clicks, The date when started and finished the banner, client name and the option to delete it.

Advertising Clients: This show all the data of your clients and how many active banners are running at the moment.

Notes on adding a banner: If you want the banner to have unlimited impressions, just write 0 on the field Impressions Purchased.

Client Statistics: When you setup a new client, you can asign a login and password for it. With this info the client can view in real time the stats page for his banners by visiting this url:

In that page the client can change the banner URL for clicks and view the stats in real time, also he can request an automatic report by email without your intervention.